Sara Martull's Professional Portfolio | From 3D Model to Cartoon
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3D Characters
About This Project

Original 3D character for my story “Baby Hell”. Made using ZBrush and Blender.



The character was modeled entirely in ZBrush, using a custom ZSphere rig, that was converted into a mesh using Adaptive Skin. The body was re-topologized inside ZBrush to a clean animation-ready mesh. The clothes were modeled in Blender, and imported back into ZBrush for detailing and polypainting.

Blender Shape Keys

Several face expressions were modeled in ZBrush and imported into Blender. The vertex information of the new models was used as input for Blender Shape Keys. Using these Shape Keys, I can change the facial expression of the character very easily.

Cartoon Rendering

I designed a special Rendering Node Tree to create extremely accurate cartoon contours. This Node Tree, combined with custom cell shaders using the polypainted textures from ZBrush, allows Blender to render a perfect cartoon image that looks hand painted!