Sara Martull's Professional Portfolio | Pirate Girl
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3D Characters
About This Project

Original 3D character of a Pirate Girl made using ZBrush, 3D Studio Max and Photoshop.


Making of: Human Anatomy

The character was modeled in ZBrush, starting with a custom humanoid ZSphere rig, that was turned into an Adaptive Skin to work as base. The muscles and details were sculpted on the base mesh, trying to be as anatomically accurate as possible. The new mesh was unwrapped in ZBrush with UV Master. Skin textures where made in Photoshop. The character was transferred to 3D Studio Max for rendering. The hair was made with 3D Max hair particles. The cave environment was also modeled in ZBrush, and textured with PolyPaint.

Making of: Clothes

The shirt and corset were modeled in ZBrush, masking parts of the character and extracting the selection as new meshes. Wrinkles and details were sculpted on them. The skirt, jewels and bag were modeled in 3D Studio Max. The skirt was tailored out of a modified cylinder, and Cloth Dynamics were applied to it to give it more realism.