Sara Martull's Professional Portfolio | Realistic Cartoon Style
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3D Characters
About This Project

Original 3D character of a Military Warrior made using ZBrush and Photoshop.


Making of: Human Anatomy

The character was modeled in ZBrush, using a default male model as base mesh. The muscles and details were sculpted loosely following anatomical reference. Details were added in Geometry HD, and skin textures were made with Polypaint.

Making of: Clothes

The clothes were modeled in ZBrush, masking parts of the character and extracting the selection as new meshes. Wrinkles and details were sculpted on them. The model was posed with Transpose master. There were no UVs or retopology needed for this project.

Making of: Face Closeup

Several render passes were taken in ZBrush with Best Preview Render, and later combined in Photoshop via Blending Modes.