Sara Martull's Professional Portfolio | Steampunk Archer Hunter
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About This Project

Original 3D character of a Steam Punk Archer Hunter made using ZBrush, Blender and Photoshop.


Making of: Human Anatomy

The character was modeled in ZBrush; parting from a custom humanoid ZSphere rig, that was turned into an Adaptive Skin to work as base. The muscles and details were carefully sculpted on the base mesh, obtaining a very realistic anatomical figure. The model was re-meshed to optimize for animation, with a clean structure of quads and triangles, and a low polygon count. The new mesh was unwrapped in ZBrush with UV Master, achieving clean UV maps. Several skin textures where made inside ZBrush with Polypaint. These textures where then transferred to Photoshop for finer details and blending options.

Making of: Clothes

The clothes were modeled in Blender, using the body as base for the size and the proportions. The models were moved to ZBrush for sculpting the details. Once the surface was finished, the different models were unwrapped with UV Master. The details of the sculpted high resolution geometry were converted to normal and displacement maps, that allowed the low resolution models to have a hyper realistic finish and a very low polygon count. The textures for the clothes were made in Photoshop, using the displacement maps as base. Damage, dirt and other effects by using photo-retouching techniques, making the models look extremely realistic!

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